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"I went to Sparkle City Chiropractic after they visited my job. I arrived the next day with pain all over my body. Backs, hips, knees, shoulders, neck, and feet. I had always been diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis and several doctors suggested surgery. I was skeptical of my visit to Dr. Laura Taylor. However, I decided to give her a chance and I haven't regretted it! After she did x-rays, it was discovered that there was no signs of arthritis in my body, but my spine was heavily out of alignment. She suggested a care plan that would span over the next few months. I gave it a try and now suffers no pain! She took the time to explain what chiropractic care was and her methods exclusive to my care needs. Sparkle City Chiropractic not only fixed my problem, I regained my strength and confidence back and also gained a friend. I highly recommend Sparkle City for you chiropractic care!"



"I was pregnant and in a traumatic car accident many years ago. The initial healing process

process took quite some time, but I ended up having a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl! However, my body has not been the same since and I have suffered for years with various issues, especially constant pain. Throughout the years, doctors have prescribed medications and physical therapy to help, but nothing actually made me feel well again. When I started seeing Dr. Laura, my life finally changed for the better! She is very professional and genuinely cares for me and my well-being. Her comprehensive approach to my care has allowed me to better understand how my body works, helped my body begin to heal itself from within, and given me hope for a future without suffering! Dr. Laura is compassionate and truly works to help improve lives by releasing the power within our bodies to heal naturally. I highly recommend Dr. Laura at Sparkle City Chiropractic to people of all ages! If you put your life in her hands, I promise you will not be disappointed!"



"I've been under Dr. Taylor's care for about 5 years now. I absolutely love going to see her and getting an adjustment. I always feel so much better. There are many things that set her apart from other chiropractors. She always tries to make a personal connection with you. She listens to the problems you're having and makes a personal plan of care for you, which is great because I've been to places where it felt like literally I was just getting the basic, generic adjustmen that they did on every single other person. One other things that really sets her apart is if you have concerns about certain adjustments, she will work around it. When I first started seeing her, I was terrified to have my neck adjusted. I just did not like the idea of someone twisting my neck. So she told me there was an alternative way where she could drop the table, and I was completely comfortable with the whole experience. Of course, later in the years, I grew to trust her a lot and now have regular adjustments done on my neck, and it's amazing!"



"Sparkle City Chiropractic gave me a great experience after having a tight lower back and kink in my neck. I didn't know much about the chiropractic practice and have never been to a chiropractor before but I knew I had a problem with my neck and back that didn't go away over months of time. Dr. Laura Taylor educated me on what was going on and how everything works in your body. The adjustments during the healing process made me feel much better and I now understand the importance of seeing a chiropractor regularly. You can tell Dr. Laura Taylor has a passion for what she does and cares about her patients needs. Thank you Sparkle City Chiropractic!"



"At 28 years old, throwing my back out wasn't an issue I ever thought I would have to deal with. Then like that during a strenuous deck build, my attitude was changed. I went from one minute placing 4 by 4 post in the ground to the next minute barely able to stand up straight. The pain was unexplainable. It was hard to walk, hard to sit down, it was even hard to lye down. After a few visits to my local doctor, with little relief, a friend of mine recommended chiropractic help. Honestly, at first I had little hope. However, that all changed after my very first visit at Sparkle City Chiropractic. Dr. Laura was very professional. She took X-rays of the damaged area, got me set on a routine recovery plan, and went to work on the issues. By then end of the first session, I was standing straight again. By the second week of sessions I was feeling right back to my old self. I've even kept up with a monthly plan that has kept that issue at bay since the accident. Even my wife and daughter have come to enjoy the reliefs of chiropractic care. I'm very thankful for her help, and I would highly recommend her to any person from serious injury to just simple aches and pains. Thanks a bunch Dr. Laura!"



"I have a desk job and have been suffering from lower back pain for a long time now. I also get very debilitating migraines that keep me from my daily life. Once I started going to see Dr. Laura my lower back pain has pretty much stopped, and my migraines are very few and far between. What I love about Dr. Laura is that she really takes her time with you to explain why Chiropractic care is beneficial and how it can help you. She makes you feel instantly comfortable from the moment you walk into her office, she is extremely knowledgeable about Chiropractic care, and talks you through each step before she does an adjustment on you. I work at a Chiropractic College and yet Dr. Laura is the only person who I trust with my spine and my overall health. I feel like I can live a normal, pain-free life because of her."



"Dr. Laura Taylor is the best! She's very thorough in diagnosing your problem. There are no unnecessary x-rays, and yo do not feel rushed. I feel so much better. Thanks Dr. Laura!"



"Chiropractic care is part of my self care practice. Dr. Laura is great and my whole family is receiving care too. If you are hesitant to consider chiropractic care, she takes it slow and lets you guide."



"I was able to get adjusted by Dr. Laura during my whole pregnancy and it really made a difference. My oldest son started seeing Dr. Laura when he was 2 and absolutely loves her. Now she sees my second son. At 3 months [she] started adjusting him and he has been able to extend his tummy time not that his hips have been adjusted. She makes everyone feel so at ease and comfortable. Each visit is always so personal and professional, we feel like an extension of family. Dr. Laura always strives to make a point to see everyone when they need it without having to wait long. She definitely puts her clients first for their care. This is truly her passion."



"Dr. Taylor is an amazing Chiropractor! I highly recommend her to everyone! I wish I could give her 10 stars!!"


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