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Regardless of what symptoms or issues you may be experiencing, mitochondrial dysfunction is always at the root of why the body isn’t 100% well.

At the root of health imbalances is lack of movement with charged particles. If you can supply energy to the body that moves these charged particles, such as from humic and fulvic acids, you can make great progress with detoxification and health — and that’s why at CellCore Biosciences we see the incredible results we do.

Tim Griswold, Lead Scientist

Everyone’s Detox Journey Starts with the Roadmap to Health

There is a proper order to follow when it comes to supporting detoxification and getting well.* The Roadmap to Health breaks down this order into easy-to-follow steps or phases. 

Following the Roadmap to Health properly prepares the body for detoxification by first supporting the mitochondria and opening drainage pathways.* This helps minimize those unwanted reactions and ensure the body has sufficient energy to properly detoxify.*

This step-by-step process targets different areas of the body at each stage of detoxification, so that the underlying root causes of your symptoms can be efficiently addressed.*

A breakdown on foundational medicine

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Foundational medicine is the missing piece in integrative and functional medicine practices.


As the precursor to functional medicine, foundational medicine begins at the utmost root level. It helps patients return to homeostasis by delivering key nutrients to upregulate mitochondrial function, which is necessary for the proper function of every cell, organ, and tissue.


It also emphasizes the importance of opening up the body’s drainage pathways prior to detoxification, and improving a patient’s terrain to sustain long-term wellness.


Foundational medicine is the starting point for health, as it allows patients to experience optimal results when they move onto targeted products and protocols.

Root level solutions start with the mitochondria

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Regardless of what symptoms or issues you may be experiencing, mitochondrial dysfunction is always at the root of why the body isn’t 100% well.

Mitochondria “turn on” and signal for every organ to work and function. They play a massive role not just in your energy levels, but your ability to detoxify, digest food, eliminate, fight illness and pathogens, heal and repair, remember information, etc. If the mitochondria are damaged, your entire body is impacted.

This is why our approach at CellCore Biosciences is built on this premise: First support the mitochondria, then promote the body’s natural detoxification processes and the removal of stressors.

Carbon Technology: The advanced science behind CellCore supplements

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An effective binder is the missing link in any detoxification protocol. But not all binders can do this important job efficiently.

You may be familiar with common binders, such as activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and diatomaceous earth. These binders contain what are called long-chain “spent” carbons.

This means they have limited binding abilities. Due to their structure, they can only travel as far as the gut. These binders must be taken at a certain time, which means they’re not an effective, everyday solution.

This is why we’ve created Carbon Technology: a new category formulated with unspent, specific carbon-based molecules. An unspent carbon means it has maximum energy and, therefore, maximum binding potential.

Additionally, Carbon Technology is composed of long-, medium-, and short-chain carbons, which can work in different areas of the body, not just the gut.

For this reason, all CellCore supplements (with the exception of Para 1, Para 3, and the IS-products) contain Carbon Technology.






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