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Fees for Services

We pride ourselves in offering high quality, personalized, and integrative care at affordable, straightforward prices with no surprises! We do not accept any health insurance at our facility which allows us to spend more one-on-one time with you and eliminates third-party healthcare control and obstacles from your care, but we can provide superbills upon request allowing you to still use your benefits. A superbill is an insurance document showing diagnosis codes, procedural codes, charges, and payments made. You may submit this document to your insurance company to be processed either towards your deductible or to be reimbursed directly, per your policy coverage. Superbill submission is not a guarantee of payment. We are a non-participating Medicare and Medicaid provider and facility, meaning we do not accept payment from them. You can still receive care with us but you will be responsible for payment at the time of service.
HSA/FSA cards and CareCredit cards are accepted!

Initial Assessment


This 1-hour appointment is for patients that are new to our clinic or have not been seen in at least 3 years. This visit will include a full review of the patients past and current medical history and complete chiropractic examination pertaining to the primary areas of concern. If appropriate, your first adjustment will take place during this visit but is not included in this price.

Low Level Laser Therapy


Low Level Laser therapy can be an add-on or a standalone treatment. Laser therapy stimulates the nervous system positively altering cellular function providing noticeable pain relief, whether acute or chronic in nature. Laser helps reduce pain and inflammation, promotes cellular rejuvenation, stimulates stem cell growth, and accelerates healing by an average of 208%! No drugs, no surgery, no side-effects, no downtime!

Full Spine X-Rays


X-rays taken on-site make it convenient and affordable in getting the answers you need to start receiving care. In a full spine series, we look at the cervical, thoracic, and lumbo-pelvic regions to determine the exact nature of what you need. If x-rays are taken and it is safe to proceed, your first adjustment will take place during this visit at no extra charge.

Intersegmental Traction 


This can be added onto any appointment and consists of a 10-minute session of intersegmental traction therapy. Traction helps relax muscle spasms, relieve tenderness, enhance spinal mobility, improve posture, and enhance flow of spinal fluid and blood flow to the spine. You may even catch some zzz's!

Chiropractic Adjustment


This 20-minute appointment is focused on correcting any misalignments within the spine or extremities. This removes pressure from the nervous system allowing the body to heal itself, prevent future ailments, preserve performance, and to alleviate organ stress. Use of the HyperVolt Massage instrument is used for all adjustments, unless requested otherwise.

Mix & Match Services!

Adjustment & Intersegmental Traction: $65

Adjustment & Laser Therapy: $100

Adjustment, Intersegmental Traction & Laser: $115

Laser Therapy & Intersegmental Traction: $65

Whole Body Vibration Therapy: Included with all services!

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